Frequently Asked Questions

General Account Questions

This is my first month of service and it looks like I have been double billed. Is this correct?
Why should I use a surge protector or battery backup?
What is a firewall? Do I need one?
What is adware and spyware, and how do I get rid of it?
Why is it important to do my updates?
Why should I use antivirus software?
Why does my computer keep asking me for my username and password?

Telephone Questions

What is the ISP Recovery Charge?
What taxes are included on my bill?
What is the federal "Access Recovery Charge" (ARC) listed on my bill?
What is the interstate access charge listed on my bill?
What is the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF)?
What is the Federal USF charge?
What is included in the cost of my local telephone service?
If my electricity goes out, will my phone go out, too?

Internet Questions

Why does my Wi-Fi work well at one end of my house, but not at the other?
Why doesn't Haviland Broadband actively filter email?
What can I do about all this Spam?
Is there a size limit to the attachments I can send via email?
How can I keep my kids safe on the Internet?
Which download speed is right for me?
Why am I experiencing very slow connection and download speeds?
Why can I load some Web pages but not others?
What is the charge to move my Internet service to a different house or office?
Can I connect more than one computer to the Internet?
What do I need to connect an Apple Mac to the Internet?
I already have my own high-speed modem: can I use it?
I don’t want to be tied to one room. Can I create a wireless network here?
Why am I am having trouble getting online with my wireless device?
Why am I having trouble accessing the Internet?
Why doesn't Haviland Broadband actively filter my internet access?